Saturday, February 7, 2015

Larry's Lesson

About twenty years ago my boss Larry laid some humility on me. I wish the lesson had landed at the time, but I'm a slow learner and needed a few more lessons in humility before it made a dent in my own hubris.

I was a young teacher, it was my first job and I had a lot of passion. I also had a lot of self-righteous anger. One day I found myself in the middle of a rant when my boss Larry put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Corey, you're not that important". Before I could say, "well, thanks Larry.....fuck you too", he finished his sentence, "and guess what ....neither am I. No one is...because it is not about us."

Twenty years later I'm spending a lot of time repeating to myself, "Corey, you're not that important." It's been a liberating and joyful insight.  When you are not that important It is easier to hear what other people are saying. I cringe at all the amazing people I missed when I was busy being important. Thanks Larry!

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