Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome to my Free Fall

             I just read that when astronauts in low orbit experience zero gravity, they are not so much floating as free falling[1]. The trick is to miss the Earth on your way down.

            Two weeks ago I wrote a letter of resignation effective at the end of June. For the last fifteen years I have been teaching emotionally disabled students. Twelve of those years I have been running a small program in a suburb of Boston. It’s time for me to leave.

            I don’t have a plan, I don’t have financial resources, I have four children, and have been living with my wife for twenty-one years. I have until the end of June, seven months, to create a new livelihood and find a new direction. 

          Welcome to my free fall.

[1] Mary Roach, Packing for Mars


  1. you wrote what?? did you submit it too? I am eager to see where this decision leads you... you are a man of many talents!

  2. Thanks Emm and MEW!
    @MEW I love your Blog!Yes, I have let the administration know. It was a long time coming, I'm not sure I could trace all the steps that lead me to the decision. Emma was a big help. Thanks again for the vote of confidence. I'm just not sure what someone with my skill set does after teaching??? Write a Blog? Right now I'm asking a lot of questions and listening very carefully

  3. Bravo and courage, Corey! I'm curious to see what's next for you.

  4. Wow, that's a biggie! Good for you, Corey! I have great faith that you will find something wonderful and right for you. Courage!